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3rd Student Exchanges (Portugal): "Common Language and Design in Differences"

On 16th – 20th October 2023, we conducted the 3rd Student Exchanges (“Common Language and Design in Differences” Learning Teaching Training Activities) in Braga, Portugal.


We visited the school -Providing a brief overview of what ESPROMINHO is and its significance to the community. 
Presentation by partners about the results of the project in their entities.
Workshop: “Emotions and Robotics”: Arduino tasks Robotics activities in the school lab (emotions recognition)

Day 2:

Hands-on coding workshop where students will use simple programming languages to create a basic emotion recognition program using sample images audio clips, among others
Presentation of the activities carried out by students
Cultivating wellbeing and emotional balance through beauty care, aesthetics, hairdressing, and facial treatments Prioritizing the emotional wellbeing.
Workshop: “Emotions and Robotics” Projects in line with the Sustainable Development goals (emotions recognition)

Day 3:

We visited the University of Minho and Guimarães City.
The Laboratory of Automation and Robotics -LAR – is a Research and Development
Laboratory at the University of Minho. (It consist in a multidisciplinary research team involved in the development of numerous mobile and autonomous robotics projects)

Day 4:

We visited Porto’s rich culture and charming atmosphere.

Day 5:

Work Group: Future of “Emotions and Robotics”: Discussion about the future of emotions and robotics in the field of Education and IOT and AI.
Students shared their visions and ideas for how this field will evolve in the future.
Final meeting with project coordinators