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1st Teacher Training (Turkey): Robotics and Emotions Schedule

İZMİR, 9th to 15th of January 2022

1st Meeting in Izmir
The 1st meeting of our Erasmus+ project entitled Emotions and Robotics was held in Izmir. Arkas Science and Art Centre, Hacettepe University Computer and Instructional Technologies Department, members of the Faculty of Communication, school administrators and teachers from the Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal and Romania, as well as staff from various educational NGOs participated.
DAY 1:
Gülay YAVUZ, coordinator of the project, gave the opening speech.
It continued with the lecture “Perceiving and Understanding Emotions” by Berna AYTAÇ, faculty member of the Communication Department of Hacettepe University. The lecture covered the topics of emotion as a concept, what we call emotion and what emotion is.
After the presentation, the session continued with a workshop on constructing a robot to perform a simple task using the “Lego EV3 Education” sets.
After the workshop, the first day was concluded with the “Mindfulness-Attention Organisation” event.
DAY 2:
The day started with a warm-up, mindfulness activities, body and emotion awareness, and exercises to get into the moment and place where you are.
The activity “Use and Regulation of Emotions” included studies on how to distinguish and understand emotions, how to use emotions, and how to take perspectives.
In one workshop, participants developed simple robots using Arduino sets.
In the workshop titled Managing Emotions, participants explored “Managing Negative Emotions.
Mindfulness, (existence of pain, meeting those we dislike, separation from those we like, staying in pain, inner helper, compassion, showing self-compassion instead of threat and impulse system inner threat) self-compassion and acceptance exercises were conducted.
After the training, the BİLSEM building was visited. During the tour, observing the classes, the students of the music class gave a mini-concert for the participants, who shared their experiences with the teachers and students.
DAY 3:
A cultural tour of Izmir city centre was conducted.
A workshop on inclusion was held. A workshop was held with the participants on the topic of emotions.
DAY 4:
A workshop on digital storytelling was held by Burcu ŞİMŞEK, a member of the Faculty of Communication at Hacettepe University.
DAY 5:
Future projection (from the eyes of high school students: Tuna Mert IYIARI and Yazgı ŞİMŞEK). A presentation was given on the topic of “What can be done for the future”.
After the students’ presentation, a future projection study was conducted with wide participation.
A cultural tour (Ephesus, Şirince and the House of the Virgin Mary) was conducted.