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1st Student Exchanges (Italy): "Robot, Peer, and Emotion"

On 3-7 October 2022, we conducted the 1st Student Exchanges (“Robot, Peer, and Emotion” Learning Teaching Training Activities) in Giulianova, Italy.


Day 1:

On our first day in Italy, all teams came together at the school. The meeting started with the introduction of the countries and teams. With the help of the ice breaking activities called “circle time” and “expectation board” students got to know each other. The school building was toured. The school band performed a concert. The last activity of the day was the robotics workshop with the use of Mbots.


Day 2:

On the second day, the robotics workshop continued. Students programmed their robots. They fulfilled their duties. The second workshop of the day was the emotions workshop. The students were divided into 4 groups and the emotions workshop was held. In the emotions workshop, students attended music and 3D printing workshops.

The day completed with a walking tour of the historical center of the city of Giulianova.


Day 3:

On day 3 it was a full day excursion to Mount Campo Imperatore and L’Aquila historical center and museum.


Day 4:

A tour to UniTe Teramo University was organized. A workshop using technology was held in the biology department.

A farewell party was held at the end of the day. The school band played at the party. All the students danced arm in arm.


Day 5:

A cultural tour (Rome) was conducted.