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3rd TT (Romania): "Wellness and Wellbeing"

3rd TT Meeting in Sibiu-Romania

The 3rd / Final Teacher Training meeting of our Erasmus+ project entitled “Wellness, Wellbeing and Robotics Workshop” was held in Sibiu, Romania. Teaching staff, school administrators, and teachers from Turkey, Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal, and Romania participated.

DAY 1:

Approaching well-being and wellness; How do we teach with Well-being?, Andreea Gatman

(No) Time to Imagine – game-based learning, workshop led by Andreea Gatman 

What is the Future of assessment that “allows” supports well-being for teachers and students, Andreea Gatman

Place-Based Learning, case study nutrition, and embodiment practice 

DAY 2:

Teaching with drones; new geographies- how can we approach predictibiity& forecasts, urban planning with place-based learning, Ionut Sandric, Geography Faculty, University of Bucharest 

Practical application in the museum, working on projects/teams

Education prototype, integrated lessons, led by Andreea Gatman

DAY 3:

Departure to Rasinari school, primary and lower secondary school, with digitalisation strategy

(No) Time to Imagine the Future, game-based learning for a future vote, workshop together with students, led by Andreea Gatman

In dialogue with  Ileana Carmen Damean, school’s Principal

Empathy walk around Rasinari  

Widening our capacity to hold, embodiment/walking practice, teaching with petitions

DAY 4:

Teaching with robotics, and wellness- our school in a world of -1.5 degrees

Teaching with well-being, slowing time future ancestry 

Departure with local mountain guide to an ancestral Shepard place

DAY 5:

Transformation approach to teaching- Social presencing theater tool (“ what kind of a village we create”), practice led by Andreea Gatman

Future of nurturing education, with health nutrition expert Dr. Lygia Alexandrescu

A new vision with educational management, together with Anca Gaidos

Concluding our program together

Recommending self-directed exploring of the museum/ Sibiu city

Official Closing of the program